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LDS Missionary Moms started with the intent to provide support to mothers. Together, as a group, there is significant strength and unity.

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  • Thanks for all you do to help missionary moms all over the world connect with one another and share the common and uncommon things we encounter. I needed support from other mothers in the beginning of my son's mission and they were there for me. I hope I was able to reciprocate the love and support I felt with others along the way.

    Help and Support for Moms of Missionaries Who Did Not Complete Their Mission
    LDS Early Released Missionary

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    Through the years, members of these groups have shared a lot of valuable information to help missionaries, and their Moms, prepare, support and serve. Clicking this button will allow you to gather information you will find invaluable as you prepare, or support your missionary.

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  • LDS Missionary Moms on Facebook

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    The following articles will help you better understand the Missionary Moms email groups, why they were started, and how to use them.


  • Preparing To Serve a Full-Time Mission
  • Stripling Warriors In Our Day
  • Coddling Boys Before Missions
  • Email Groups, A HowTo For Members
  • How To Be A Good Missionary Mom

  • Helping From Home
    An indepth article about getting ready and serving a mission.
    by Dallas H. and Marjorie S. Bradford, Helping from Home, Ensign, Jul 2003, 48-53

  • LDS Missionary Moms Notable Quotes

    As we have provided this service, we have been impressed with a few comments by notable leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We put them here for the inspiration they may provide you, too.

    Missionary Photographs

    Elder Andrus from Idaho (Betty's nephew) pulling his companion, Elder Pedu while serving in Colorado

    Sisters Shijirbaatar from Mongolia (left) and Sister Wilhelm from Utah "On the road to the Celestial Kingdom in Russia"

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